3rd Annual Company "F"

August 24, 2018 | National Shooting Complex | San Antonio, Texas

Benefiting the Texas Ranger Association Foundation and the Texas Rangers

We're on a fundraising mission, and we need your support.

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What is the Texas Ranger Association Foundation?

Learn more about TRAF and our fundraising mission.

What is the Texas Ranger Classic?

Learn more about the Texas Ranger Classic and how to support TRAF and the Texas Rangers.

Helpful Information

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The Texas Ranger Classic is an annual fundraising event brought to you by TRAF. The sporting clay tournaments are open to all firearms enthusiasts looking to have a fun, competitive day of sporting clay excitement. The tournaments vary in format, specialty games, and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Raise scholarship funds for the Texas Ranger Association Foundation benefiting children of active Texas Rangers.
  • Interact with Texas Rangers, both active duty and retired.
  • Compete for fantastic prizes and bragging rights!




  • Friday, August 24th
  • 8:30 - 9:30 AM Registration and Silent Raffle, Optional Game "Pair-in-the-Air" Warm-up
  • 10:00 AM Start Time
  • 12:30 - 2:00 PM Event Reception (Lunch & Beverages Provided), Awards Ceremony, Raffle
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  • 4 Person Teams
  • 10-Stations
  • 100-Birds

Helpful Information

Who can shoot at the Texas Ranger Classic?

The Texas Ranger Classic is an open event for all shooters from the novice to the professional – men, women, and youths. Our highly sought after champion buckles are awarded to team champions and High Over All winners.

What equipment do I need?

Because the sport is popular with a wide variety of shotgun enthusiasts, the shotguns used do not fit an exact standard; however, every shotgun used for sporting clays must be capable of shooting two cartridges of 12 gauge or smaller. The most popular shotgun configurations are over-and-under, semiautomatic, and pump-action, using traditional cartridge shot sizes of 9, 8, or 7.5. 

Safety is an important part of sporting clays. Proper ear and eye protection are mandatory, and firearms safety procedures, as listed in the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Rule Book, must be followed at all times while on a course.

Are there any tips I should be aware of?

  • You’ll need to bring your own ammunition to the event. Make sure to bring enough to cover 100 birds, and any warm-up games you intend to shoot in.
  • The course at the National Shooting Center covers many acres. You may want to bring your own “cart” or rent one onsite. This will help you keep up the pace of the shoot, and haul all of your gear.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed prior to the shooting event. Water and sodas will be provided throughout the shoot.
  • Lunch will be served after the shoot – and adult refreshments will be provided at this time.
  • Our raffle items are amazing! We hope you enjoy the selection and participate with gusto!


Tournament buckles are awarded in the following categories:

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The Texas Ranger Classic provides many ways for you to help us in our fundraising mission. One of our favorite ways is through our Optional Games. Don’t worry - you don’t have to decide now. You can sign-up onsite!

Come out early and get a few rounds in! Shoot 10 Birds for $20/person. Need more practice? Shoot a second round for the same price! Participation is optional, but high score wins a prize!

Looking for bragging rights? Opt-in for our Station Challenge! Break all 10 birds and be entered into the drawing for a shotgun! • Buy-in at the designated station before you shoot - $50/person.
• Drawing to be held day of event.
• If no one breaks all 10 targets, the shotgun will be auctioned off at the reception.

Greetings from TRAF & the Texas Ranger Classic Planning Committee!

  • Join us on August 24th for an exciting day of sporting clays! We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!
    Thomas W. Schleier Thomas W. Schleier Thomas W. Schleier and Associates
  • On behalf of TRAF, welcome to the Texas Ranger family! Thank you for helping us support our mission!
    Elizabeth Myrick Elizabeth Myrick Texas Ranger Association Foundation
  • Your sponsorship and donations at the Texas Ranger Classic help TRAF support scholarship recipients with a higher level of financial assistance. Thank you for your support!
    Constance White Constance White Chairman, Texas Ranger Association Foundation

Are you ready to support the Texas Rangers & TRAF?

The Texas Ranger Classic Sporting Clay Tournaments are a part of TRAF's fundraising mission. They are the most ambitious efforts TRAF has ever undertaken, but we are ready! We have the method, the team, and the leadership required to meet our goal. All we need is the financial backing to get the job done.

We respectfully request your sponsorship

for the 2018 Texas Ranger Classic Sporting Clay Tournaments. These funds would not only help us reach our fundraising goals, it would elevate our efforts to provide financial relief to our Texas Rangers via scholarships for their children.


  • Chief Sponsorship

    The Chief Level Sponsorship includes (4) 4-person teams, 200 words on the TRC website, logo placement, station sponsor signage, and event signage. Please contact the Event Coordinator for more information. 512-796-7942

We have a sponsorship level to fit your budget! Check out our pricing guide below.

# of 4-person Teams Included
Sponsor's Logo and Company Description on TRC Website, up to
Station Sponsor Signage
Inclusion on Event Signage

Assistant Chief


  • # of 4-person Teams Included3 Teams
  • Sponsor's Logo and Company Description on TRC Website, up to150 Words
  • Station Sponsor Signage
  • Inclusion on Event Signage

Major Sponsorship


  • # of 4-person Teams Included2 Teams
  • Sponsor's Logo and Company Description on TRC Website, up to100 Words
  • Station Sponsor Signage
  • Inclusion on Event Signage

Captain Sponsorship


  • # of 4-person Teams Included2 Teams
  • Sponsor's Logo and Company Description on TRC Website, up to75 Words
  • Station Sponsor Signage
  • Inclusion on Event Signage

Lieutenant Sponsorship


  • # of 4-person Teams Included1 Team
  • Sponsor's Logo and Company Description on TRC Website, up to50 Words
  • Station Sponsor Signage
  • Inclusion on Event Signage

Sergeant Sponsorship


  • # of 4-person Teams Included1 Team
  • Sponsor's Logo and Company Description on TRC Website, up to25 Words
  • Station Sponsor Signage
  • Inclusion on Event Signage
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  • Individual Shooter - $150/person

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About Company "F"

Company “F” encompasses a geographic region that spans from Waco to Victoria and covers 43 counties including the Texas State Capitol. Company “F” is commanded by Major Corey Lain and is assisted by three Lieutenants who supervise 27 Rangers and the Ranger Cold Case Program Manager. The duties of the Texas Rangers have changed very little in the almost 200 years of Ranger history. Much like the Rangers of old, modern-day Rangers conduct criminal and public corruption investigations, apprehend wanted felons, suppress major disturbances, respond to and investigate acts of terrorism, and render assistance to local law enforcement in suppressing crime and violence. Since 1935, the organization has been a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Today, the legendary old West mystique of the Rangers is complimented by modern skill and ability that has been demonstrated by Company “F” Rangers during catastrophic natural disasters and major criminal events. In the fall of 2017, Company “F” Rangers and command staff joined over 50 Rangers from other Ranger Companies in response to the Hurricane Harvey crisis. During this catastrophic weather event, Rangers led law enforcement rescue efforts throughout the south and southeast coastal areas of Texas. Over the next few months, Company “F” Rangers were faced with the tragic loss of two Texas Highway Patrol Troopers, the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history, and domestic terrorism that held the city of Austin hostage for over five weeks.

Through it all, Company “F” Rangers continue to remain steadfast - ready to answer the call to protect and serve Texas against natural and man-made catastrophic events.


Dear TRAF,
I want to thank you so very much for awarding me scholarship money over the past two years. The TRAF scholarship has allowed me to focus my goals and attend my dream school, Texas A&M University. During school I work a full time job at Tabor Road Veterinary Hospital which allows me to help pay for all of my bills associated with school. Again, this scholarship means more to me than you know and for that I am grateful.

Thanks & Gig’ Em,
Claire Lindemann



Thomas W. Schleier

David Conlon

Joey McCarty

Jimmy Hasslocher

J. Marvin Smith, III M.D.

Bob Stratmann

Tom Lacy


Major Corey Lain

Ranger Billy J. Mims

Lt. Matt Lindemann

Lt. Jesse Valdez

Captain Jack Dean, Retired

  • Questions? We're glad to help!

    Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact our Event Coordinator, Lacy Finley. She’ll have the answer you need! 512-796-7942